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Tired of dodgy wine-by-the- glass?
Why serve uninspiring wine by the glass when you can serve fresh, fine wine on tap, at a great price?
Quality wines for bars and restaurants - Fine Wine on Tap
No crap, best selection of wines - Fine Wine on Tap
Our no-crap-on-tap philosophy
Fine Wine on tap has a strict 'no-crap-on-tap' philosophy with all the wines being hand-picked. This ensures that whatever pours from our taps is only the most elegant and palatable wine.

Through personal, extensive research and testing we have ensured that we use only the best kegs and dispensing systems available to allow for each glass poured to be fresh and crisp, from the first pour to the last, all while priding ourselves upon the eco-friendly nature of our kegs and dispensing systems.

We are passionate about about bringing people together over great wine and believe that wine on tap is the perfect way to do just that. It's social, it's fun, and it's delicious!

So come on down and experience the no-crap-on-tap difference for yourself.
No crap, best selection of wines - Fine Wine on Tap
It's fresh
Every glass of wine poured on tap is perfectly fresh and served at exactly the right temperature. Our dispensing systems ensure that you achieve both chilled and ambient temperatures for both white and red wines.

In kegs, our wines retain their freshness for over 9 months, guaranteeing that the last glass poured is just as good as the first!
Fresh wines on tap - Fine Wine on Tap
Innovative keg and tap system for wine - Fine Wine on Tap
It's innovative
An empty 30L keg weighs less than 2 kgs and holds the equivalent of 40 bottles of wine.

This replaces 20kg of glass, wine labels, 40 corks with capsules, or screw tops, and 2kg's of cardboard!

No gas, oxygen or light contact with wine ensures freshness of every pour. Kegs can easily be disconnected and shifted to a different location without compromising the wine!

Serving wine on tap is an ingenious way to make wine by the glass fun, tasty, eco-friendly and greatly profitable!
Innovative keg and tap system for wine - Fine Wine on Tap
It's sustainable
Our keg wines come in 20 litre and 30 litre slimline keykegs. Packaging is more streamlined than bottled wine, minimizing costs once built into the price of the wine. Our kegs cut back on materials such as glass, labels, corks and shipping. A 20 litre recyclable keg holds 110 glasses of wine and our 30 litre keg holds the equivalent of 40 bottles of wine, saving a huge amount of space-a big deal for any bar or restaurant!

The kegs are safe and easy to use and changing your kegs is extremely simple and fuss free.
Sustainable and affordable wine on tap systems - Fine Wine on Tap
Premium wine kegs - serving wine by the glass
It's Simple
Wine on tap means that there are no corks to pull, no glasses to dump, no cases to break down, and no wastage from spoiled wine.

Less messing about in the bar area means that you can achieve streamlined service in your establishment which means quicker time to table.

The Kegs are super easy to change and are easily disposed of as they are 100% recyclable!

This is great for those that want to repurpose or up-cycle too as the empty kegs can be reused in many ways. It is really that simple!
Premium wine kegs - serving wine by the glass
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